Driving Safety Culture Survey 2021

Research report posted on 25/05/22 |
Safer Road Users
This is our seventh annual report on the opinions, attitudes and behaviour of British drivers. IAM RoadSmart would like to thank the American Automobile Association Foundation for Road Safety (AAAFS) for sharing the concept with us and Lake Market Research for conducting the survey work. This report shows that the main worries of British drivers have
remained remarkably consistent over time – even during the recent co- vid pandemic. With 2000 respondents this is one of the biggest annual opinion surveys on road safety run in the UK.

Support for stronger road safety measures is very high, further indicating that the vast majority of British drivers are a law-abiding community who want to play their part in minimising risk and injury on our roads. They do need support to do this however, with yet again a very strong plea for long term funding for road maintenance emerging as the strongest call for action.

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