Keeping Older Drivers Safe and Mobile: A Survey of Older Drivers

Research report posted on 19/07/17 |
Safer Road Users

With the number of drivers over the age of 70 set to double over the next 20 years and there now being more than one million licence holders over 80, there is a pressing need for enlightened policies and practical actions to help them keep safe and competently mobile for as long as possible.

But what do older drivers think themselves?  Dr. Carol Hawley of the University of Warwick has surveyed more than 2,600 drivers and former drivers to gain fresh insights on their opinions, habits and motoring history.  The report updates a previous AA Foundation Report from 1996 and tracks changing opinions over the last two decades.

Many older drivers are in favour of tightening current regulations but also want to see these ideas extended to all drivers no matter what their age. The report also shows just how significant driving is to an older person’s life. 82% said that driving was very or extremely important to them, a figure that increases for women.

For older people the need to drive goes way beyond simply going from A to B. It is all about maintaining self-esteem, freedom and meaningful contact with others.  Todays older drivers have not yet started to think about giving up and that presents a real challenge for organisations trying to provide advice and guidance.

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