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Member Stories

Tony and dog

Tony Webb's half century of Advanced Driving

A Londoner by birth, Tony moved to Bristol in his early twenties where he took and passed the Institute of Advanced Motorists Advanced Driving Test in 1970; Tony has been a full paid-up member ever since making 2019 his 50th year with the charity. Tony said that his two-wheel road experiences started in 1965 with a Vespa GS125 and later a Suzuki 125 beach bike - with top speeds of around 50mph -"quite sedate by modern standards" jokes Tony, now. However, it is the cars in Tony's life that would make a significant classic car line up, worthy of any collections - initially learning to drive in one of the very first Morris 1100s then following on with an Austin A40 Farina, Mini Cooper, then a plethora of Triumphs (Spitfire MK4, GT6, TR6, Dolomite Sprint and 2.5PI) and even one of the first 2 door Land Rovers before graduating to more exotica such as a Ford Lotus Cortina Mk2, Gilbern GT, Porsche 928, Caterham Super7, Mercedes SLs and a 1930s Bentley plus many more. Tony's driving experience with all these British classics (Porsche & Mercs aside) has made him a committed classic car enthusiast.


Getting to know you

In this section, we've invited a few of our Committee and Observer Members to tell us a little bit more about their bikes and cars and their motoring experiences.  If you would like to add your own story, please send it to


and we will be only to happy to feature your contribution here.

Our first feature, kick starts with Joff Christie, our Chairman, Nick Readman, one of our biker National Observers, and Neil Warden, our Chief Observer, answering a few questions about their bikes and motorcycling experiences.

                         Getting to know Joff Christie

                        Getting to know Nick Readman

                         Getting to know Neil Warden

and with a focus on cars and motoring, Tony Webb starts us off with his story about cars and motoring:

                       Getting to know Tony Webb

then hot on his back bumper, Ken London adds his piece:

                         Getting to know Ken London