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Here, we are pleased to present our latest newsletters which tell you about things we've been doing.  We also publish special bulletins concerning road closures which could effect our local car and motorcycle members.

Note that we only keep newsletters covering the last 9 months on this webpage. 

(Last updated July 2019)


Go Safely

In this feature, we post articles focussing on driving safety matters, which are appropriate to our region, essentially. 

In our latest document, we tell you a little bit about how Average Speed Cameras have improved driver behaviour in our Region .

The next document provides Motorbike riders  with a pictorial reminder of POWDERY checks and to complement that, the third document similarly provides car drivers with a pictorial guide to cockpit checks before getting ready to move off in a diesel or petrol fuel car.   

The IAM RoadSmart winter 2019 magazine featured an article on potholes, so in the 4th bulletin, we tell you how to report them in our region to assist our local councils repair them to make our roads safer for everyone.      

In the last of the listed bulletins, we learn about hazards that a truck driver has to contend with at roundabouts or junctions and what we can do to help the driver of a 40te plus truck.  

(Last update - June 2019.)


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