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Here, we are pleased to present our latest newsletters which tell you about things we've been doing.  We only keep newsletters covering the last 9 months on our webpage.  (Last updated Mar 2019)


Go Safely

In this feature, we post articles focussing on Safety matters, which are appropriate to our region, essentially. 

The topmost document provides car drivers with a pictorial reminder of cockpit checks and getting ready to move off in a diesel or petrol fuel car.       

The IAM RoadSmart winter 2019 magazine featured an article on potholes, so in the 2nd bulletin, we tell you how to report them in our region to assist the local councils in repairing them to make our roads safer for everyone.      

In the 3rd bulletin, we learn about hazards a truck driver has to contend with at roundabouts or junctions and what we can do to help the driver of a 40te plus truck. The 3rd bulletin talks about options for winter wheels to prepare for snow.

(Last update - Feb 2019.)


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