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About us

Middlesex Advanced Motorcyclists (MAM) was established in 1992 and, currently, we have about 140 members. We take our training seriously and consider our performance to be one of the best in the country. We also like to have fun too, in an inclusive and welcoming environment. We have members from diverse ethnic backgrounds, across both genders, in a wide range of jobs, career types and professions. We are denominated by a common passion for motorcycling and associated activities, underpinned by a mission to make MAM members better riders. 

We welcome all new members. Once signed up to the IAM and then to MAM, your initial primary aim is to gain accreditation. The IAM use the same test for both bikes and scooters. It is a requirement of the IAM advanced test that your vehicle is able to maintain the national speed limit, so please be aware this may exclude some scooters and smaller motorcycles.

Information about joining IAM and/ or joining MAM can be found in Become a member section.

Details about Advanced Riding and further training offered by MAM can be found in Our courses section.

To find out more about social events and tours organised by MAM please visit Our community section.

As a member of Middlesex Advanced Motorcyclists (MAM) if you wish to make an official complain in regards to a particular incident or another member, please have a look at MAM (Internal/group) complaint procedure. Make sure to follow these guidelines so that the complaint could be dealt with in an efficient and timely manner.

For any other enquiries, you are welcome to get in touch with MAM using the link below.

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