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If you are not a member of IAM and/or MAM and would like to join our group or if you have a general enquiry about MAM's provision of the IAM Advanced Rider Course please use the Contact Us form below.

MAM members with general enquiries about our website please use the Contact Us form.


If you would like to discuss or need information about a specific matter please get in touch with the relevant committee member using one of the appropriate forms below.


Chairman should be contacted directly in case of extremely urgent and/or sensitive matter. Most of the usual enquiries, about matters related to day to day running of the group, could be handle by other committee members.


Secretary of the group deals with enquiries related to AGM, elections, official complaints to the group etc.


Enquiries about the financial matters related to the club should be directed towards the treasurer of the group.

Director of Training

For training issues such as Advanced Rider Course structure, Observer training etc. please contact Director of Training. But please note that arranging observed ride for associates is not the responsibility of Director of Training; course coordinator and potluck organiser are responsible for that.

Membership Secretary

Membership secretory deals with general enquiries related to membership. This include membership renewal, current up to date information about all the group members etc. If your address or contact details have changed or you wish to leave the group please let the membership secretory know.

Publicity Organiser

All matters related to MAM group promotion are looked after by the Publicity organiser.

Youth Liaison

If you are new to the group and finding it tough to integrate, don’t worry help is here. Just get in touch with the Youth Liaison.