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About us

Somerset & Wiltshire Advanced Motorists (SWAM) was formed in March 2020.

We are a group of drivers that believe simply passing the state driving test is insufficient given today's amount of traffic on our roads.  Passing the basic driving test simply means that you have demonstrated how to control a car and was able to recite some of the rules shown in the highway code.  Being an Advanced Driver means much more than that.  It means that you are now fully aware of how you are driving and as such you are much less likely to be involved in an unfortunate accident.

As Advanced Drivers, we enjoy our driving and we are very conscious that we can continue to improve our driving ability day after day, week after week, year after year.  Being an Advanced Driver is not simply about achieving another badge.  There are financial benefits in the form of reduced insurance premiums; lower fuel usage; less wear and tear on your vehicle; and considerably less inconvenience of having to sort out an insurance claim caused through poor driving ability (yours or someone else's).

Even more importantly, there are also criminal offences that are carried out daily by lots of motorist that you learn to avoid (which can lead to points on your licence and ultimately the loss of your licence)  I.e. Not drinking and driving - not using your mobile phone whilst you are driving - not tail-gating other road users - not speeding - observing the rules of the road - taking up the correct position on the road for all situations, whilst giving the correct signals at all times.

History of our club: 

SWAM is the name of the new enlarged group following the merger of the Melksham Advanced Motorists (MAM) and the Bath and District Advanced Motorists (BADAM)

MAM was formed in 1990 covering West Wiltshire. It was affiliated to IAM Roadsmart as Group number 1198, and was registered charity number 1055930.

BADAM was initially started as a sub-group of the Bristol Advanced Motorists in 1981. After two years the branch qualified as a full group by helping the required number of associated to pass their advanced test. From the beginning, advanced police drivers Andy Poulton and John Ingram helped train the group’s first observers and formed a committee to advance the cause of BADAM. BADAM was registered charity number 1050592, and this continues as the charity number for SWAM.