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Our committee


Our Group is run by local volunteers who are all passionate about making life on the road more enjoyable. If you want to talk to someone about joining our group why not contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any of your questions. Alternatively come and meet us at the next meeting or event. Go to our events page to see when the next one is.

The group affairs are managed by the following volunteers, who freely give up their own time, and are elected on an annual basis by the group members.


Chair:                                                           John Morley*

Vice Chair / Publicity / Internal Events:   Lindsay Flower*

Chief Observer / Masters Mentor / and     

                         Associates Coordinator:    David Major*                                      

Assistant Chief Observer:                              Ray Robberts                                   

Group Secretary:                                         Rosemary Tandy* 

Treasurer / Newsletter Editor:                   Clare Hogg*                    

Membership Secretary:                               Peter Huntington*    

Webmaster / IT Lead:                                 Colin Nunn*                      

Notes Secretary:                                          Sue Phillips*            

External Events:                                            Dave Edwards

President:                                                     Helen Schofield

Vice President:                                              Judith Peplar

Vice President:                                              David Gallagher

                                Note: * Attends all committee meetings