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3 in a car

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Newbridge Park and Ride, Bath, BA1 3NB

3-in-a-car (TiC) drives are your opportunity to catch up on a few tips from the Region’s top Observers. Even if you’ve never been on a TiC you’ll be welcome and you’ll also be in for a real treat because, not only are they FREE, they’re an ideal way of keeping in touch with advanced driving. The sessions are designed for current Associates and Full Members and their purpose is to assist you in maintaining your high standards.

When you arrive at the venue you will be assigned into car size groups. One of you elects to drive first for 30 minutes or so on a course of your choice or, if you are not sure of the area, a course described to you en route.

There is usually a good deal of helpful banter during TiC sessions so most points will be covered as you go round, but at the end of each drive there will be an opportunity for you all to enjoy a short and sometimes entertaining debrief! Someone else then elects to go next in their own car – and so on until you’ve all had a turn. The whole thing is done and dusted in around two hours, it’s completely free of charge and it’s good fun. No records are made of the drives – but there is usually plenty of advice available!!