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About us

The Edinburgh & District Group was formed in 1957

26th November 1957 a group of 6 IAM members held a meeting at Glenisla Gardens, Edinburgh forming a committee electing a Chair, Secretary and a Treasurer and a group named East of Scotland Group was born, a suggested annual fee of 10 shillings (approx £7 in today's fees). The committee agreed to write to local motor clubs with a view to recruiting members.

By the following January a total of 58 members had been recruited but the Chair reported that so far support had only been forthcoming from Fife Constabulary. Social events started with 52 attending a luncheon at the Dunblane Hydro. The first Annual general Meeting was held in 1959 and a year later had published the first issues of a quarterly newsletter. Worth remembering that a trip to the Corstorphine Inn for skittles cost 25 shillings including services of ball boys (pies 3d and sandwiches 6d).

In 1961 the group assisted in the running the local heat of a National Safe Driving Contest sponsored by W.D. & H.O. Wills and the Standard Triumph car company.

The first subgroup was established in Dundee in 1962 then in Aberdeen and Falkirk in 1963. Such was the success of these subgroups that Dundee became a full group by 1964, re-naming itself the South East Scotland Group in 1965.

Racing driver legend, Jim Clark was invited as Honorary President in 1965 to which he did, and the Chair indicated that Mr Clark would be taking the IAM Test when time permitted. There is no record of this happening before his untimely death in 1968.

The interest from the Borders must have been strong at this time because several joint events were held with the Newcastle Group including a "Border Raid" held in both 1967 and '68. Although ac Borders subgroup was proposed in 1971 it was not formed until September 1980.

With membership exceeding 100, social events continued to evolve including visits to a skid pan in Leven, Tulliallan Police College and a dance. The first of many monthly "Blether Nights" was held on 10th June 1969.

In 1972 it was recorded that a membership drive be undertaken before the introduction in April of VAT and the consequential rise in the IAM Test Fee to £7.15p.

All tuition drives were suspended in November 1973 due to the looming fuel shortage, however by the following July the situation had resolved and an inter-group open day was held in Kinross.

In 1976 it was reported that the Group had 144 full members and 82 associate members and the IAM test fee had reached £10.

In 1979 IAM HQ asked groups to discuss the proposed introduction of seat belt usage with a view to submitting views to the House of Commons, however the committee decided that members views were too diverse to allow any agreed position to be reached.

The Group Associate Membership reached the 100 mark for the first time in 1980 and by the following year had reached 138 with full membership of 185, membership fees were £2.50 and the IAM test fee had increased to £17.50. Social events included a walking tour of the city vaults, a day trip to Blair Atholl and a visit to the "Jack and the Beanstalk".

The 25th anniversary year of 1982 saw the introduction of reduced fees for young associates (under 21) co-inciding with the launch of the BP Young Driver of the Year competition.