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Group Committee and Observers

Your group is run by a dedicated team of volunteers, who are very passionate about making life on the road safer and more enjoyable. 

The group Committee affairs are managed by volunteers elected annually by its members. Without the committee, who give their time there would be no group.

All observers are volunteers and receive no payment for any out of pocket expenses and without them the group would be unable to take Associates on their journey towards Advanced Driving and their IAMRoadsmart Test.

Meet the Group Committee team behind the scenes:

Group Officers:-

Group Chair:-                               John Ketchion:- 

Group Secretary:-                        Audrey Kane:-  

Group Treasurer:-                       Hazel Heron      

Group Committee

Group Contact:-                            Audrey Kane:-   

Group Membership:-                     John Ketchion   

Group Associate Contact:-            Euan Macgregor

Group Chief Observer:-                 Paul Duncan                                      

Group Events Coordinator:-          Paul Duncan    

Young Driver Advocate:-              Heather Young

Young Driver Advocate:-              Lewis Dickson  

Committee Member:-                    Sandy Thomson

Committee Member:-                    Ian Ogilvie

Committee Member:-                    Ian Carter

GDPR Officer:-                               Iris Campbell  








Our Group Observers



Jean Bruce, Iris Campbell, Alex Chapman, Ian Carter, Alisdair Colquhoun, Lewis Dickson, Paul Duncan, Nigel Gleeson, Mark Hesketh,

Jonathan Hutchinson, Audrey Kane, John Ketchion, Steven Kirkland-Galloway, David McGavin, John Purchase, Alan Scott, Sandy Thomson, David Warren, Terry Webster, Heather Young. Euan Macgregor.