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Profile: Matt Budrey

Posted on 26/04/20 |

Profile: Matt Budrey

Matt Budrey Observer Profile

Trainee Local Observer
IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver F1RST

Observer based in Gloucester

Background in Driving

Matt is a Trainee Local Observer and ready to help you achieve your driving goals. Matt's driving experience is extensive - including driving (and owning) a series of classic and modern vehicles (mostly Jaguar!). Matt took his IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driving Test, taking home the highest level of pass, a F1RST. 

Supporting Our Group

Matt is Committee member for the group, currently holding the post of Group Secretary.  Matt enjoys attending our shows and events and helping to promote the group, usually with his 1980s Jaguar on display... (see below photo from a newspaper article!)

Outside Interests

Matt is classic car crazy, which led him to take his advanced test & join Gloucestershire Advanced Motorists.  Owning, driving, maintaining and restoring are some aspects of motoring Matt finds the most enjoyable (so most of it!).  If he's not under the bonnet, or the whole car for that matter, You'll find him saxophone in hand, playing either for a local jazz orchestra or one of the RAF Voluntary Bands.

Matt works as an IT Infrastructure engineer for a global company, IT Infrastructure is the bit as a user that you can’t see or touch – all the electric string that lets things talk to each other.   
MATT BUDREY Observer Committee Profile

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