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Where We Meet

Churchdown Community Centre

Parton Road, Churchdown  GL3 2JH


All meetings after 23rd July 2022 will take place at the Churchdown Community Centre in the rear meeting room.

Churchdown Community Centre

How to Join the Group

We welcome new members who are interested in improving their driving and learning more about our activities.  Members can attend group meetings, drive-outs and receive a regular newsletter.

 Membership Categories:

  Associate:  Signed up to an Advanced Driver Course, membership is free for 1 year.

  Member:    Subscribing full member of IAM RoadSmart.  You become a Member when you have passed the Advanced Driver test.

 Friend:       You can join us as a Friend if you are not a subscribing member of IAM RoadSmart.

 Subscription:. Group membership subscription is £15 per annum payable from 1st January.

 Application Form and Gift Aid:

Application Form & Gift Aid

Why not book a Free Taster Drive with us

 Find out about your own bad habits, get expert advice. A drive of up to 1 hour with a qualified Observer in your car. Qualifies for 10% discount on the Advanced Driver Course.

Attend one of our: "Introduction to Advanced Driving Seminars"

FREE for any driver to attend.

Funded Advanced Driver Courses for Young Drivers

The Group has legacy funding remaining for up to 20 Advanced Driver courses.

Under the age of 26, live or work in Gloucestershire and have a full driving licence?  

IAM Member Check Drives and Observer Training

Make sure you are still at Advanced standard

Observer Training - Find out more...

Contact the Chief Observer Robert Pepper at: