Group Associate Documents

The following documents are published for the guidance of Group Associates

Associate notes

The link below takes you to an excellent Associate's Guide complied by Geoff Bevan of the Bristol Group of Advanced Motorists.  Click on each link in the Index to go to the relevant page.  The document is published by the kind permission of Geoff Bevan.


    Is your vehicle fit for your journey?  Are you fit to drive?

    Follow this check list to make sure 



As a group we want to maintain a high standard of coaching for all Associates and would be grateful if you would complete this brief questionnaire regarding your experience on the Advanced Driver course.  Feedback helps us to improve for the future.  Your comments will be strictly confidential.

Your Details

The Questionnaire

Please choose the score or option that you feel appropriate for each question.  1 for excellent and 5 for poor then add any comments you wish to make.

Initial Contact with the Group.  Was it timely and helpful?

Did your Observer explain the Advanced Driver course process clearly?

Instruction Disclaimer: Did your Observer explain that you were responsible for the safety of the vehicle at all times and that they would give you clear directions on each drive?

Did your Observer provide a demonstration drive?

Was your Observer knowledgeable and helpful in their explanations?

Did you have a check drive with another Observer before the test? Please tell us if it was helpful in the comments.

Did the Examiner provide clear instructions?

Did the Examiner help put you at ease?

Was the Examiner's feedback appropriate?

What was your overall experience with your Observer?

What is your overall experience of the Advanced Driver course?

Thank you for completing the questionnaire.  Please press the submit button.