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Profile: Richard Lee

Posted on 05/05/20 |

Profile: Richard Lee

Richard Lee Observer and Committee Profile

National Observer
Masters Qualified & Advanced Driver F1RST

Observer based in Gloucestershire

Background in Driving

I took my Advanced test in November 2015 and gained a F1RST. I had been thinking about the qualification for some time and wondered what my driving was like in current traffic situations having taken my DVLA test in 1963. I loved the experience and learnt much more than I imagined and my enjoyment of driving has been enhanced. I decided I wanted to do something else and became a Local Observer in early 2016 and subsequently a National Observer. Having got the bug I went on to gain my Masters in 2018.

I have always been interested in cars and classic cars in particular. I have owned MGb’s and a Mazda Eunus. I used to work on my Morris Minors lying under them in the pit in my parents garage and tuning them.  I even put a weber carburettor on my Austin 1300 – it never went well after that!

Supporting Our Group

I am the group treasurer ( I am not an accountant!) so this is sometimes a challenge, however it is a way of being involved other than Observing. I enjoy helping out at shows and encouraging others to consider advancing their driving skills.

Outside Interests

I love anything to do with cars and driving! I drive classic cars for weddings when asked – amongst the cars is a 1928 Austin,  a challenge in many senses,  although the Alvis Grey Lady does actually have synchromesh on some gears! The other cars are monsters – 3tons – and one understands the importance of good observation when the brakes are “not modern”!

I took my minibus qualification, MIDAS, when I spent some years working for Cheltenham Community Transport.

Other interests centre on family and the host of grandchildren, and golf. I also bore anyone who has to listen about advanced motoring!

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