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National recognition for Ashley

Posted on 30/10/17 |
I am very pleased to report that our Group Secretary, Ashley, has been awarded the prestigious Fred Welch Rose Bowl Trophy for 2017
The trophy is awarded nationally to the car member who, in the opinion of the panel of judges, has contributed most to promoting the aims and objectives of IAM RoadSmart.
This is the third time the award has come to Lincoln group, last year I was awarded it and previously it was awarded to Glenys Allerton. Lincoln is only the second Group to have won this award three times.
In my opinion no one deserves it more than Ashley. In addition to his onerous role as Group Secretary he also edits and publishes this excellent newsletter and manages our social media communications. Apart from these committee roles Ashley is also a very active National Observer and a joint presenter with me on our very successful program of external presentations.
Ashley has also shown great initiative in making contact with external road safety stakeholders such as the Road Safety Partnership and the Police and Crime Commissioner.
As an ambassador for the IAM, and Lincoln Group in particular, and as someone who promotes our aims and objectives in a friendly and professional way Ashley does an excellent job. I can assure you that the group would not be as successful as we are without Ashley's hard work and I am personally very grateful to him for all his help and support.
Every Group needs an Ashley, but they can't have ours!

Roger Hicks Chair/Chief Observer, IAM Lincoln