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Safer Driving Presentations/Webinars

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We offer a range of presentations and webinars designed to improve driving skills and, as a result, increase individuals safety, confidence and enjoyment when behind the wheel. 

Our presentations can be tailored to suit any audience and have proved popular with organisations such as Young Farmers, U3A, WI, PROBUS and many other groups. They can be delivered either face-to-face or as a webinar via Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Generally lasting around an-hour, including questions, our trained experts offer advice in a friendly and engaging format. 

'Confident Driving' is our most popular presentation and covers various aspects of driving with examples of how you can improve your driving skills and, as a result, safety and confidence when on the road. The presentation is complimented with the option of our free advanced taster drives which have proved very popular across Lincolnshire.

Hear what they say...

Our presentation range includes...

  • Confident Driving 
  • Driving Post Lockdown
  • Winter Driving 
  • Night Driving 
  • Driving on Motorways/Dual Carriageways 
  • Tyre Safety 
  • Driving Safely for Work 
  • Lone Driving 
  • Young Drivers 
Please get in touch with us via our Contact Us page or call us on 0300 365 0152 to request more details.