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Associate Resources

Associate Resources brings together a range of online resources available to those undertaking our Advanced Driver Course. Here you can access our webinars, YouTube videos, hints and tips bulletins, a digital version of the Advanced Driver Course Logbook and much more.

Advanced Driver Course Webinars

Cockpit Drill, Human Factors & IPSGA

50 minute webinar covering the above topics. Click here to view the slides and the link below for the video

YouTube Video

ADC Logbook Competencies & Bends

19/01/2021 webinar covering the above topics. Click here to view the slides and the link below for the video

YouTube Video

Useful Links

Advanced Driver Course Logbook - Digital version of the course logbook giving instant online access on any device.

IAM Lincolnshire YouTube channel - Our YouTube channel contains lots of useful hints and tips videos, including examples of POWDERY vehicle checks, steering, limit points and much more. If there's a specific video you'd like us to make to help you let us know.

Reg Local YouTube channel - IAM RoadSmart examiner Reg Local gives you everything you need to know about advanced driving (and riding!) techniques. Reg's videos can help you to understand how to achieve/visualise a specific advanced technique before putting it into practice in your own car. You will also find Reg's video on ' How to pass your advanced driving test' useful.

Top tips for passing you Advanced test - IAM RoadSmart's top 10 tips for passing your advanced test.

IAM Advanced Test Competencies & Spoken Thought - Full explanation of competencies you will achieve during your advanced course.

IAM Advanced Test pre-drive checks, cockpit check, and brake tests - Before the start of a drive, you should carry out pre-drive checks, a cockpit check and both static and moving brake tests. Starting your advanced driving test with these helps gives the examiner confidence that you have a good understanding of your vehicle and sets the scene for the drive. At the end of a cockpit check and before the start of the drive, we recommend that you 'look up and look out' and finish the check with the external factors which are relevant to the drive you'll be undertaking (examples could include, wet weather and its impact, low sun, driving at rush hour so increased traffic, etc).

What to expect during your advanced test

Advanced Test Report Categories and Scores - During your advanced test, the examiner reviews 23 categories and scores each. The scoring and things the examiner is looking for you to achieve are explained here. 

Hints and Tips Bulletins

Our hints and tops bulletins look at the competencies of advanced driving and give hints and tips about how to put these into practice in your own driving.