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Six reasons to leave 'tyres and tarmac'

Posted on 10/04/22 |

If you're advanced driver already, you'll know the phrase 'tyres and tarmac' (or 'tyres on tarmac') well. But do you know all the reasons why it's important? 

'Tyres and tarmac' is a phrase which refers to the gap you should aim to leave between and the vehicle in front of you when you are in a queue or stationery traffic. 

Here's the six reasons why: 

1. If the vehicle in front breaks down we can go around easily and not be stuck behind it.

2. If we are too close the vehicle in front could roll back into us - especially on a hill or incline.

3. If we are hit from behind we are only damaged at the back instead of a double whammy by being hit into the vehicle if front.

4. By staying away from the vehicle in front we keep our vision open up the road - especially where the vehicle in front is a van or lorry.

5. By being too close we are in danger of intimidating the driver in front.

6. By staying back we will keep our stress levels down.

So next time you're out for a drive, consider these reasons and always leave a gap. 

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