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A complete licence the goal for Izzy

Posted on 21/08/22 |

“People definitely don’t expect a female driver to turn up in a lorry!” but behind the wheel of a HGV is exactly where IAM Lincolnshire member, Izzy Chetwynd, aged 24, feels at home.


Izzy pictured with Lincolnshire Police Det. Chief Superintendent Andy Cox  presenting her advanced driving certificate

Izzy joined IAM Lincolnshire as part of the Advanced Driver Courses funded by Lincolnshire Police and Crime Commissioner, Marc Jones and achieved the highest result possible on test - scores of all ones and a F1RST.

Having passed her driving test at 17, Izzy quickly turned her attention to what was next. First passing her PSV test to allow her to drive a bus then moving on to Class 1 and Class 2 HGV. As her livelihood is driving and involves transporting different vehicles all over Europe, when Izzy saw the opportunity to take an advanced course, she jumped at the chance.

Day-to-day Izzy drives an impressive 3.0 litre Audi S4 Avant and wanted to be sure she was as safe as she could be whilst being able to get the most out of the car

Her overall goal is to pass every driving test she can and Izzy has already set her sights on her motorbike test next, to complete her full licence which she hopes to take in the next couple of years.

“I really enjoyed my advanced course and test and I’d love to go further - I’m thinking about taking the commercial vehicle advanced test in a HGV in the future.“

Speaking about her role driving different vehicles Izzy said “Being a female driver, I get ignored a lot, especially when double-manning. It can make you feel invisible at times. I really enjoy the job, but would say the public toilets are the worst! It can be frustrating having to stick to driving hours, especially when home is close and you run out of time.”

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