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About us

Solihull Advanced Motorists was formed in 1986 covering Solihull and surrounding areas.

Solihull Advanced Motorists (SAM) is a registered charity (No: 1054280), affiliated to IAM RoadSmart ("IAM"), previously the Institute of Advanced Motorists, which is itself a registered charity (No: 249002). Now in our 31st year, our main objective is to improve road safety by raising driving standards.

We are a friendly group keen on promoting the benefits of being a better driver while also enjoying driving. We have around 200 Members, many of whom have been with us for many years, and who continue to support the group, either actively at meetings and events, or by simply continuing their membership. We run a programme of meetings and events through the year. Details of our current programme can be found here.

Our Committee, in addition to acting in the interests of our Members, is dedicated to ensuring we both adhere to the principles of advanced driving promoted by IAM, and act within the rules laid down by the Charities Commission. The Officers of the Committee (Chair, Treasurer, and Secretary) are elected by the Members at the AGM for a period of one year, at the end of which they are required to either stand down or seek re-election for a further year. Other Committee members, also elected by the Members, stand for a period of three years. The current Committee membership is detailed here.

In order to promote better driving within the community, our primary responsibility is to train new members in the system of advanced driving laid down by IAM, in order that they can take and pass the Advanced Driver Test. To do this we run a mix of theory presentations backed up by a course of on the road driving with an experienced Observer. All of our theory presenters and Observers are unpaid volunteers, who give up their time willingly in order to help those who commit themselves to the courses to improve their driving. Details of the courses and on the road drives can be found here.

People join IAM, and subsequently us, for various reasons:

  • They've been driving for many years and want to update their driving skills or get rid of bad habits.
  • They are new or inexperienced drivers who want to develop their driving skills.
  • They are more cautious drivers who want to develop their confidence.
  • They have seen the changes and benefits in the driving of family and friends and have been inspired or recommended to have a go.

If you think you fit into one of the above categories, or if you just want more information, why not contact us and we will be happy to help. You can contact us here.