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Our Observers

Our Observers are all unpaid volunteers who provide on-the-road coaching in the system of advanced driving advocated by IAM RoadSmart ("IAM") to our Associate Members. There are two grades of Observer, both of which are certified by the Institute of the Motor Industry ("IMI"). The grades, and the number we have within each grade, are:

  • National Observer - certified by the IMI and mentored and tested by independent IAM/IMI examiners. These are senior Observers with many years’ experience.
  • Local Observer - certified by the IMI but mentored and tested within the local group by National Observers who have been trained as mentors. These are newly designated Observers or those with only a few years' experience.
  • Trainee Observer - Currently undergoing Observer training within the Group


Some of our Observers have achieved Masters standard, which is the highest standard of driving awarded by IAM, and also the highest standard available to civilian drivers.

Without our Observers we could not provide the necessary training for our associates. Our Observers, having passed their Advanced Driving Test, decided to take on the challenge and to freely give their time to the development of others. Below are the Active Observers, without whom we could not run the group.

IMI Approved National Observers

  • Steve Price - Joint Chief Observer
  • Oliver Turley - Joint Chief Observer
  • John Wright - Masters
  • Denis Hale - Masters
  • Phil Shayler - Masters
  • Peter Skinner
  • Tony Supperstone - Masters


IMI Approved Local Observers

  • David Rogers


IMI Trainee Observers

  • Philip Leach