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Skittles Evening

Posted on 28/08/16 |

Our new events programme continued on Wednesday 24th August with a new venture – a joint Skittles Match with Stratford IAM Group at the Masons Arms in Long Marston.

34 turned out on a disappointingly rainy evening, and the teams were evenly matched. Everyone who attended said they really enjoyed what was a very convivial social event with a chance to meet fellow IAM members from another Group. I’m pleased to say we won despite Stratford having the advantage of experience due to their own regular skittles event [and we have a Certificate to prove it!]. It always amazes me that it is regularly possible to bowl the ball right through the skittles without actually touching any – and it happened on numerous occasions this time; fortunately more often for Stratford than for us!

On the strength of that we will be running the event again next year in September and hope to do so at a pub somewhat nearer to us. If you have experience of one on the south side of the area (to make it easy for our Stratford friends to travel) please let us know. We’ll be happy to form a sub-Committee to investigate it!

David Heath, on behalf of your Events Team