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Young Driver Course

Solihull Advanced Motorists (“SAM”) welcomes all drivers who want to improve their skills and reach or exceed IAM Advanced Driver standard. In particular, however, road safety organisations, the Government, and our local Council Road Safety team are constantly trying initiatives aimed at under-26 drivers, as this age group is statistically more likely to be involved in a collision than other groups.

SAM’s Committee has good links with Solihull Council’s Road Safety Team and wish to assist in every possible way by encouraging more under-26 drivers in our area to become advanced drivers. To this end, we are offering a refund of £40 off the initial IAM Membership fee for under-26 SAM Associate Members who pass their IAM Advanced Driving Assessment, and who join SAM as full members after passing their test.  

Just a few rules and conditions, to assist clarity:

  1. The prospective member must comply with all the usual rules of IAM/SAM membership in terms of their legal status to drive a suitable vehicle. SAM does not run a motorcycle course. We can advise on this if required, but other groups may not have similar funding schemes.
  2. Open only to under-26 applicants qualifying as in 1 above.
  3. The £40 is refundable only after the applicant has successfully passed their IAM Advanced Driving Assessment (“Test”) and has then joined SAM as a full member within one month of passing. SAM Joining fee is currently £10 (£8.00 if paying by Standing Order). The Committee will give due consideration to any extenuating circumstances if the 6 months normal SAM Associate Member expiry date from allocation is exceeded and the Associate has not yet passed their test. Please note that IAM membership is required in order to join and remain with SAM.