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Solihull Advanced Motorists is sad to announce that Brian Irons, former SAM Secretary and observer, passed away on 7th January 2018 in hospital from pneumonia. On behalf of the committee and members, SAM has passed on its condolences and deepest sympathy to Brian’s wife, daughter and family.


Brian Irons passed his IAM Advanced Driving Test in 1996 and joined the SAM committee soon after and also became an observer. Some 20 years later, in May 2016 Brian retired from the committee and as an observer, having been Secretary since 2003 and SAM Public Contact for over 16 years. Brian worked hard to support and promote both Solihull Advanced Motorists and the IAM over the years, liaising with the IAM, committee members, observers, and the public. Brian attended SAM theory courses and public events in order to promote better driving practice and the IAM Advanced Test and helped many people to pass the IAM Advanced Driving Test. It’s a legacy of which we can all be very proud.


A lovely man and a gentleman who will be missed by all his family and friends and everyone in SAM.


Oliver Turley

Chief Observer

On behalf of the Committee of Solihull Advanced Motorists

Is parking the bigger picture? Tips from IAM RoadSmart

Many of us can find parking and looking for the right spot quite challenging but sometimes we also forget about checking our surroundings when we leave the car.  A few simple checks can avoid costly and irritating car park mistakes and make your trip a lot less stressful. This week’s tips give advice on parking from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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IAM Surety adopts a zero tolerance policy towards penalty points for mobile phone usage whilst driving

The risk of using mobile phones while driving has been very prominent in the media recently, following the tragic quadruple fatality caused by an HGV driver using a phone at the wheel. From this point forward our insurer, IAM Surety, will be unable to offer our exclusive ‘members only’ insurance scheme to any members who obtain points for using a phone while driving. This will be a permanent exclusion. We support this positive step towards making using a mobile phone while driving socially unacceptable.