We make better drivers and riders

Everyone at IAM RoadSmart shares this mission. Our amazing volunteer group network, our professional trainers, our Examiners, our Driver Retraining Academy team, all of us want to help you to become a better driver or rider.

We aim to inspire all road users to be the best they can be. We develop the skills of all licence holders through our advanced courses, business programmes and introductory sessions.

Enjoy the journey!

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Get moving in May with 10% off our advanced courses

Whether you're driving abroad this month, planning a road trip across the country or simply commuting to work, the rules for staying safe on the road are the same. We've put together a set of hints and tips to get you moving in May and to keep you safe on the road. 

We're also offering 10% off our Advanced Driver Course and Advanced Rider Course throughout the month using code MAY10. #GetMovingInMay

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