We make better drivers and riders

About the IAM RoadSmart charity

At IAM RoadSmart we make better drivers and riders. As a registered UK charity formed in 1956, we’ve spent more than 60 years making our roads safer by improving driver and rider skills through coaching and education.

The aims and objectives of the Institute of Advanced Motorists are very simple:

  1. To improve the standards of driving and riding on the roads.
  2. To improve road safety.
  3. To administer a nationally recognised advanced test. 

We try to match these aims and objectives by working in the following ways:

We are a totally independent organisation

IAM RoadSmart is not owned or financially dependent on any commercial organisations that might have a vested interest in a narrow aspect of road safety. Financial support is provided by over 82,000 members. These members, having passed our advanced driving or riding test, contribute a small annual membership fee. This allows us to be fully independent in both our thinking and our work. The support we have from our members, who take an active interest in their own driving and riding standards, provides us with invaluable insight and a vast resource of practical knowledge related to road safety.

We can offer a more diverse approach to road safety because we are not a single issue body

Our staff have a comprehensive background in road safety, strengthened by the in-depth knowledge of our Trustees which covers the emergency services and other additional areas vital to road safety.

IAM RoadSmart is widely respected throughout the road safety industry due to our expertise and experience. As such, we are regularly asked to consult and advise all the major players, including the Government, on all aspects of road safety.

Our Advanced Driving Test is recognised and quality assured by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

It was first developed in 1956 (the Advanced Riding Test followed in 1976). Since then the test has been developed and refined to reflect the ever-changing face of the UKs roads.

Over 180 local IAM RoadSmart affiliated groups throughout the UK (all are charitable organisations in their own right) provide support for people wanting to prepare for, and pass, the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Test. This is unparalleled throughout the UK. The support of these groups means that the Advanced Test is available and achievable by everyone who has an interest in improving their driving or riding skills.

DVSA quality assures our Advanced Driving Test.

Business units

IAM RoadSmart is the trading name of all businesses operated by the UK’s largest road safety charity, the Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) and was formed in April 2016 combining the IAM, IAM Drive & Survive, PDS and IAM Driver Retraining Academy.

Our mission is to make better drivers and riders in order to improve road safety, inspire confidence and make driving and riding more enjoyable. 

Here is a brief introduction to the four business units that have united to make up the new IAM RoadSmart organisation.

The Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM)
We are a respected charity comprising of over 82,000 current full members, 5,000 active volunteers and around 180 local groups. We campaign and lobby on road safety debates on their behalf. At any one time there are over 7,000 drivers and riders actively engaged with our courses. Our Driver Retraining Academy has helped 2,500 drivers to shorten their bans through education and support programmes.

IAM Drive & Survive
Provides a comprehensive range of professional driver risk management training and solutions for businesses. These include e-learning, on-road coaching, on-site seminars and company occupational driver policy consultancy. Actively assisting 380 businesses at the time of the IAM RoadSmart launch. Typically training over 5,000 company drivers a year, some of whom go on to become full IAM members.

IAM Driver Retraining Academy
Dedicated to re-educating speed and drink driving offenders. Our Drink Drive Rehabilitation Course (DDRC) is officially recognised by the DVSA. Potentially a driving ban could be reduced by 25% by undertaking this course if customers are referred. We cover nine areas of England and all of Wales. 3,159 referrals were made to us in the last year.

Professional Driver Services 
Created and licences Atlas, the National Driver Offender Retraining Scheme (NDORS) booking system used to manage the bookings for over a quarter of a million driver retraining courses.

From now on the knowledge and expertise of all these organisations will be united as IAM RoadSmart. Together we make better drivers and riders.

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