Supporting disabled Drivers and Riders

Your IAM RoadSmart journey starts here!

At IAM RoadSmart, we are proud to have a broad and inclusive community who we have upskilled and supported through our Advanced courses. Over the years, we have supported thousands of people on their journeys including members with physical and mental disabilities.

The most important thing is our courses can be delivered at your pace. Your IAM RoadSmart journey is about building skills and having the opportunity to reach an Advanced standard of driving and riding. Our experts are on hand to support you the whole way and make reasonable adjustments to do so.

How can we support you?

Our Observers and Examiners are friendly individuals who will go at your pace. We are not experts in mental and physical disabilities, but we will happily discuss your needs and together we will work out a plan to facilitate a course enables you to achieve advanced driving. Throughout your Observed sessions, the most important thing we ask is that you are open with your local Group as to what extra support you might need.

Your Examiner will give you a call to arrange your test date and meeting location. Please let them know if there are any reasonable adjustments they can make to ensure you are able to perform to the best of your ability on test day.’  


For example, you might need:

Extra breaks throughout your training session.

Your Advanced Test to be split into two parts.

Your Examiner to speak louder, or clearer.

IAM RoadSmart Observer Talking Through The Course Logbook


Benefits of our Advanced courses:

Fuel savings from better acceleration and momentum control

Receive expert tuition and become a more skillful driver or rider

Grow your confidence, to better enjoy your passion.

Meet other expert drivers or riders and share your skills

Join IAM RoadSmart as an Associate

Receive our member magazine

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How does the course work? 5 simple steps...


1. Purchase your course and receive a welcome pack in the post


2. You’ll be paired with one of our Local Groups who will be in touch


3. Develop your Advanced Skills over a series of observed rides


4. When ready, go for your Advanced Test with a friendly Examiner


5. Gain ‘Advanced Rider’ and ‘IAM RoadSmart Full Member’ status


What do other members think of the course?

star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating

“I have been riding for nearly 50 years and wanted to correct bad habits/techniques. This has given me that opportunity and I have enjoyed meeting new and interesting, like minded people.”

– Advanced Rider, 2022

star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating

“What a worthwhile experience. Each observed ride gave me little nuggets of information, increased my knowledge, and my confidence. I would recommend it to everyone wanting to carry on learning.”

– Brian L, 2022

star ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar ratingstar rating

“Anyone who values their riding skills should sign up for a course. Once you've passed your assessment there are plenty of opportunities to continue honing your skills. As a bonus there is the social side as well.”

– Tony W, 2022


Michael In His Post Graduate Diploma Graduation Outfit

Dyspraxia and Driving: Michael's Story

Adapting to life with a disability is never easy, but there are ways to help yourself cope with limitations and overcome challenges. Michael, who was diagnosed with Dyspraxia as an adult, shares his story with IAM RoadSmart.


Michael In His Post Graduate Diploma Graduation Outfit

Driving and living with a disability: Mike's Story

In 2006, everything changed for Mike. He suffered a subarachnoid haemorrhage, which also resulted in meningitis and hydrocephalus. Following surgery, despite problems with mobility and balance, he began to recover.



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Our Latest Partnership

We’re delighted to have teamed up with National Association for Bikers with a Disability (NABD), the world’s leading charity for bikers with a disability, to remove potential barriers to becoming a safer rider.  

Commenting on the partnership, Dr Andy Arnott from the National Association for Bikers with a Disability said: "Our aim is to ensure that people with disabilities can enjoy the freedom and independence of motorcycling. This partnership with IAM RoadSmart supports our aim.”  

"I have been a member and supporter of the National Association for Bikers with a Disability for the last decade and I was always conscious that many of the riders with disabilities have worked with, have been keen to improve their skills but no one knew how to go about it."  

Find out more about NABD and if you have any questions about doing an Advanced course with a disability please contact us via email.