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IAM RoadSmart Skills Days allow drivers and riders, using their own car or motorcycle, the chance to develop their skills with qualified instructors, using four iconic racing circuits as a classroom.

The sessions are open to both IAM RoadSmart members and the general public, allowing attendees a rare chance to learn precision driving and riding techniques on a racing circuit, and to develop new skills that they can use when back on public roads.

Drivers and riders will either work one-to-one with an instructor, or as part of a small group, and will be given the opportunity to put their new knowledge to practice on a track.



Name:  Croft
Length:  2.1mi
Car Days:  Yes
Bike Days:  Yes
County: Yorkshire
Postcode:  DL2 2PL


Name:  Blyton Park
Length:  1.6mi
Car Days:  Yes
Bike Days:  Yes
County: Lincolnshire
Postcode:  DN21 3PE


Name:  Mallory Park
Length:  1.4mi
Car Days:  No
Bike Days: Yes
County: Leicestershire
Postcode:  LE9 7QE


Name:  Thruxton
Length:  2.4mi
Car Days:  Yes
Bike Days:  Yes
County: Hampshire
Postcode:  SP11 8PN


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How to correctly use vision and lines in all conditions.

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How your positioning and steering affects control.

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How to use speed and braking effectively at all times.

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How to select a responsive gear for the conditions.

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How to use perfect throttle control for 

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Bringing it all together for the perfect ride or drive.



Session duration: Half day

Cost: £175 per person

Vehicle eligibility: See joining instructions

Morning Sessions: 08:45 – 12:30

Afternoon Sessions: 13:15 – 16:45

What to expect: You’ll be coached on a one-to-one basis, having been paired with an instructor who is suitably matched to your own experience and skill level. You’ll use your own car throughout the session.



Session duration: Full day

Cost: £215 per person

Vehicle eligibility: See joining instructions

Registration opens: 07:45
Session Ends: 17:00

What to expect: You’ll be put into a small group (around four) under the close supervision of an instructor. You’ll use your own road-legal motorcycle and wear your own safety clothing.


Monday 24th – Thruxton – CAR (AM)
Monday 24th – Thruxton – CAR (PM)
Tuesday 25th – Thruxton – MOTORCYCLE

Friday 5th – Blyton Park – MOTORCYCLE
Monday 22nd – Thruxton – MOTORCYCLE

Monday 19th – Thruxton – CAR (AM)
Monday 19th – Thruxton – CAR (PM)
Tuesday 20th – Thruxton – MOTORCYCLE LADIES' DAY 



Tuesday 4th - Croft – CAR (AM)
Tuesday 4th - Croft – CAR (PM)
Wednesday 5th – Croft – MOTORCYCLE
Wednesday 12th – Mallory Park – MOTORCYCLE

Monday 21st – Blyton Park – CAR (AM)
Monday 21st – Blyton Park – CAR (PM)
Tuesday 22nd – Blyton Park – MOTORCYCLE

Wednesday 6th - Thruxton – MOTORCYCLE
Tuesday 19th – Mallory Park – MOTORCYCLE
Monday 25th – Thruxton – CAR (AM)
Monday 25th – Thruxton – CAR (PM)
Tuesday 26th – Thruxton – MOTORCYCLE




Chosen your date?
Call 0300 303 1134 to book!*

Update: Due to high demand we are currently unable answer the phones as quickly as we would like. If you are calling to book a Skills Day, please hold and a member of the team will be with you as soon as possible.


“A fabulous day that built my confidence in a safe, controlled environment. A very well organised event that has boosted my skills & riding safety.”

- Donna S

“Instructor was brilliant, skills were taught in a sensible yet effective way. It has given me the confidence in myself and my bike that I was looking for.”

- Julie E

“Well organised driving sessions on a circuit, supervised and coached by experienced instructor. Enjoyable and educational. Highly recommended!”

- C. Jones

“Fantastic day, extremely well organised. I learnt lots in the classroom with the added bonus of putting into practice on the circuit.”

- A. Russell

“What a great day! It had everything - fun, camaraderie, great take home messages and plenty of real life bike cornering practice.”

- John P

“Great way to continue improving skills & challenge yourself to improve under fantastic supervision!”

- Carol W


You can attend a Skills Day as the holder of a full UK licence (or equivalent) for the class of vehicle you are driving or riding. We accept A1 and A2 motorcycle licence holders.

Yes, friends and family can attend to watch you on the day. Please note, for Car Skills Days you cannot have a passenger in your vehicle, this is a circuit rule.

You can film your experience on the day. For motorcycle days, the camera must be mounted onto the bike, you cannot have a helmet mounted camera. If you are driving a car, your camera must be properly fitted and not obscuring the driver or instructor’s vision.

Yes, you are required to use your own road legal car or motorcycle on a Skills Day. Please check the joining instructions for vehicle eligibility information.

Catering is available for you to purchase at all circuits, please note it is not included. Please check your joining instructions for each circuits catering availability. You are also able to bring your own food and drinks if you prefer.

We no longer supply plastic bottled water to Skills Day customers, as we aim to eliminate plastic waste. Water is available for purchase at the catering outlet, or you can bring your own water bottle and fill it up at the taps.

The Skills Days will still go ahead if there is wet weather. In the unlikely event of extreme ice and snow conditions, where use of the circuit is considered unsafe, the Skills Day will be rescheduled to an alternative date as a priority.

Please check the joining instructions to see the schedule for the day.

Cancelling your attendance or requests to transfer to an alternative date will not be allowed within 21 working days of the event. Any refunds approved will incur an admin fee of £35.

For motorcycle days, you will be put into small groups (usually no more than 4) working closely with an instructor. For car days, you will work one to one in your vehicle with an instructor, they usually have two candidates throughout the session as neither you or your car could manage to drive continuously for the whole session. You will not have any other passengers in your car.

IAM RoadSmart Skills Days are not as full on as a usual ‘track day’ and we don’t expect tyre wear or damage to be an issue.

For Car Days, the morning sessions runs from 09:30 – 12:30 and the afternoon sessions from 13:45 – 16:45. Motorcycle Days open for registration at 07:45, briefing at 08:45 and finish at 17:00.

Thruxton and Mallory Park have E5 and E10 petrol available to purchase on site. Croft and Blyton Park do not have this facility, however, in the joining instructions for both car and motorcycle days, state the nearest fuel stations. If you are using an EV please ensure you arrive fully charged for your session. There are chargers based at Thruxton but not at other circuits. Circuits do not allow EV charging from a 13A supply.

IMPORTANT NOTICE. Skills Days are run on circuit ‘quiet days’ and are not subject to race or track day noise limits which are higher than usual. Please only attend with fully road legal cars and motorcycles with a correctly silenced exhaust system fitted. For motorcycles with aftermarket systems removable baffles or Db killers MUST be inserted/fitted. Open exhausts are not permitted. Noise testing/monitoring is in place. Each circuit has different regulations for noise. Please refer to the joining instructions to see which restrictions are in place at your chosen circuit.

Most UK insurance policies specifically exclude cover for use on a racing circuit. IAM RoadSmart advise you to discuss this with your insurance company if you want insurance cover extended to circuit use. Please read the joining instructions for more information and guidance.

If you are already insured with IAM RoadSmart’s insurance partner, Cornmarket, you can discuss extending your policy for a nominal fee to cover use on a Skills Day. Please speak directly to Cornmarket rather than IAM RoadSmart Support, contact Cornmarket on 028 9044 2200.

We also have customers who have obtained track-based cover with companies such as Bemoto and Adrian Flux. Please note our Support Team are unable to help you with any insurance-based questions.

We won’t push you to drive or ride at high speeds. This is a training session designed for learning and you have full control of the car or motorcycle. The maximum speed you may reach is 90mph as a circuit limit. However, there is no compulsion to reach this speed.

For motorcycle days, full and approved UK motorcycle protective clothing is mandatory. Leathers or textile clothing is permitted. Road legal helmets/visors/goggles must be worn. For the car days, please wear clothes you feel comfortable in and appropriate footwear for driving. You don’t need a helmet if you are driving a car.

We are always considering new opportunities to evolve and improve our Skills Day delivery year on year. Whilst circuit availability is reviewed annually, we do have some limitations with it, however we are always looking for ways in which we can improve our delivery to you, whilst offering value for money. Circuit hire costs and our volunteer instructor availability sadly rule out certain circuits.