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IAM RoadSmart has more than 60 years of unrivalled knowledge and experience of riding and driving. Below is a selection of helpful hints for all road users, as well as blogs and members stories from those within our community.

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  • Tips for Tyre Safety Month

    Tips For Tyre Safety Month

    As part of this year’s Tyre Safety Month campaign, motorists are being urged to consider the risks involved in inadequate safety checks on their vehicle’s tyres and the potentially fatal consequences if they need to stop in an emergency.

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  • Fuel Consumption

    Fuel Consumption

    We are all aware of the cost-of-living crisis and know that, now more than ever, every saving helps. With fuel prices considered to be one of the highest personal costs in the UK, now is a great time to familiarise yourself with ways to save fuel without too much compromise. So, how can we save on our fuel consumption?

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  • Rubbernecking

    Rubbernecking: The Dangers

    Do you find yourself getting distracted when driving or riding? There is always activity happening around us on the roads. Distractions can occur inside or outside the vehicle, taking our focus away from the road ahead.

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  • The Importance of Good Eye Health

    The importance of good eye health

    What are the implications of poor eyesight and driving? According to official UK government statistics, in 2020, uncorrected or defective vision was a contributory factor in 10 fatal crashes, 56 serious injury crashes and 99 slight injury crashes.

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  • HC 8 months on banner

    The Highway Code - 8 months on

    On the 29th of January we saw eight new rules as well as 49 revisions to existing rules introduced in the Highway Code. Now 8 months on how have things developed? Have you been putting the new rules into practice?

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Blog posts

  • Isle of Wight Banner

    Isle of Wight and beyond

    When we started planning our trip to the Isle of Wight, I was more focused on making sure we had everything for the trip, forgetting that the charge on the car would be vital.

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  • Motorway

    Motorway Safety

    In this the second of IAM RoadSmart’s series of expert driving tips, Head of Driving & Riding Standards Richard Gladman, takes a closer look at safe motorway driving.

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  • Electric car

    Part Two: The realities of owning an electric car

    Richard Gladman has written the second part of his experience of owning an electric car. "Part two sees me using the EV for an Examiner Quality Assurance assessment, and luckily for me the assessment is for the examiner who lives closest to me. A couple of days without any business-use and the car, if charged to the recommended 80% at cheap overnight rates, should see me do a day’s work without charging."

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  • Empty road

    Developing new skills to boost concentration

    At 24 Rebecca had been driving for several years, so what did she gain from taking the IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driving Course last year? Confidence, more enjoyment out of driving, improved observation skills and tools to aid concentration.

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  • older drivers background

    The Mature Driver Review with Sue Cole

    A 26-year-old Sue Cole passed her driving test on her third attempt in 1986 and has enjoyed driving ever since. Since retiring, she's spent many years working at a girl’s school in Worcestershire, where she was often behind the wheel of the school minibus four or five times a week taking students to and from trips. You can read Sue's full review here.

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Member stories

Blog posts

  • Tram Car (2)

    A 25-year tribute to IAM RoadSmart

    Geoffrey Salt, has been an IAM RoadSmart member for 25 years. Keen to share his enthusiasm, and everything he has gained from the experience, he produced a blog. He is proud of each and every one of the associates he's met and trained as he tells us in his own words 'it’s been quite a journey'. It was November 1996 when I was walking around the NEC bike show when I spotted the IAM RoadSmart stand. I got chatting to Mike Barker, who happened to be the Chief Observer for my local IAM Derby Group. I explained to him that now that the family had grown up and I’d come back into biking, I felt I needed some additional help to cope with the volume of traffic that had built up over the previous 27 years.

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  • Screenshot 2021-07-30 at 17.38.29

    “Not a track day!” — riding Thruxton on a Zero S

    Once a wartime airfield, the historic Thruxton motor racing circuit prides itself on being among the UK’s longest, at 2.4 miles. Also the fastest — mainly because of the fabulously long and floaty Church Corner, which describes a long arc leading into a super-fast straight and winds up with a chicane just before the pit lane.

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  • Motorbike Rider First

    What makes a F1rst Class Pass?

    Richard Hewitt, Chairman of IAM RoadSmart's Worcester & Hereford Advanced Motorcyclists shares some hints and tips on how to achieve a F1rst in your Advanced Riding Test. Things you can control, prepare for and continued learning and development offered by the Group.

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  • GOPR0072

    Travelogue of IAM RoadSmart Motorcyclist Jim Merryfield

    Jim Merryfield, from the IAM RoadSmart Somerset Advanced Motorcyclists Group shares his travelogue Iberia by Bike detailing his adventures from Work Desk to Wild Camp. Find out more about his two- month journey through France, Spain and Portugal on a motorbike.

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  • Dave Champan 3

    Croft Skills Day 2021 by Dave Chapman

    Dave Chapman shares his experience after attending an IAM RoadSmart's Skills Day at Croft circuit.

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