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IAM RoadSmart has more than 60 years of unrivalled knowledge and experience of riding and driving. Below is a selection of helpful hints for all road users, as well as blogs and members stories from those within our community.

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  • Smashed car window

    Preventing car theft: tips from IAM RoadSmart

    This week it was announced that the number of recorded vehicle thefts in the last 12 months has reached nearly 90,0001. With the majority of police forces around the UK recording an increase in car thefts over the last year, IAM RoadSmart is on hand to give their top tips to help keep your car safe from thieves.

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  • 2

    Travelling on Motorways: Top tips from IAM RoadSmart

    With many of us set to travel over the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday weekend, IAM RoadSmart are looking at some of the common confusions that drivers and riders face when travelling on UK motorways.

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  • Filtering motorbike

    Filtering Safely on a Motorcycle

    Filtering is the act of overtaking slow moving or stationary traffic by travelling between lanes and it’s completely legal if it is done safely. Richard Gladman, Head of Driving and Riding Standards at IAM RoadSmart, is on hand to give his expert advice to filtering safely and helping all road users to know the rules around filtering.

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  • Roadworks

    Know the rules for roadworks

    Roadworks can slow down your journey, cause major disruption and bring havoc to your day. With 6,590 traffic incidents reported on UK roads between 2016 and 2020, navigating the maze of roadworks on our highways has never been more important. IAM RoadSmart’s Head of Driving and Riding Standards, Richard Gladman, has some top tips to help make navigating them a little bit easier.

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  • spring-1363860011cYo[1]

    Spring into action: Keep that pollen under control

    Pollen is in abundance during springtime, and this is when flowers start to bloom resulting in pollen levels becoming high. To help you to cope better with your hay fever symptoms whilst driving and riding, IAM RoadSmart are on hand with their top tips for hitting the road with hay fever.

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