Driving at work policy

Blog post posted on 07/04/16 |
A robust ‘driving at work’ policy is fundamental protection for your business in the case that something ‘goes wrong’ out on the road, resulting in your business facing prosecution in a Court of Law. Being able to demonstrate via a well-maintain audit trail that you have a clear and relevant policy which is effectively implemented and regularly shared with relevant staff is essential. That policy will also provide the cornerstone of any
driver risk management and driver development programme you implement.

IAM RoadSmart can provide your business with a standardised ‘driving at work’ policy document, which has been developed to fit the requirements of the majority of business and fleet operations within the UK. This document can however be tailored if necessary and we would work with you ensuring the final document is a perfect fit to your business operation.

Once your business decides to introduce a policy (or new policy), the key is ensuring it is effectively distributed to staff, that they sign to confirm they have received it – but more importantly, that they have read and understood it. We can provide advice on how to implement this effectively. We also offer online tools for ensuring staff review the policy regularly (e.g. every two years should be sufficient) and are questioned on key aspects of the policy content.

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