Safe Driving Guide

Blog post posted on 07/04/16 |
For customers who purchase our driving at work policy, we can also provide branded driver handbooks that give essential advice to drivers on implementing the policy, safe use and maintenance of their vehicle and advice on driving in a legal, safe and fuel efficient manner. It also provides theory on defensive driving techniques, covering both practical and mental skills.

Driver handbooks are intended to be kept in every vehicle used for company business (ideally in the glove box for safety and ease of accessibility). They provide clear and immediate information to drivers when they most need it, and also demonstrate your business’ commitment to providing information and advice to drivers on the use of work equipment (a vehicle is considered work equipment).

Our handbooks are 36 pages long, and additionally would include the Policy document too. They come in slightly flexible plastic ring binder folders, printed on A5 paper, allowing them to be stored in the glove box.

All documents can be branded to your Company’s specifications.

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