My new role and the IAM RoadSmart 60th birthday car party

Blog post posted on 17/08/16 |

You may have seen the announcement and introduction of my new role and what I hope to achieve in the previous blog by Sarah Sillars IAM RoadSmart chief executive officer. I’m really excited and proud to say I will be working with IAM RoadSmart during my gap year.

Mirroring Paddy Hopkirk’s introduction as IAM RoadSmart’s mature driver ambassadorwhy am I doing this?

  1. It’s generally assumed that young drivers are not only inexperienced but dangerous - check out Samson’s IAM RoadSmart digital content executive latest blog about young drivers to see a more positive view.
  2. I want to help IAM RoadSmart find effective ways to focus on young drivers and riders. The first year of a young person’s driving career is said to be the most dangerous year of your life.
  3. IAM RoadSmart reached a significant milestone with its 60th anniversary this year and as a forward-looking organisation it needs to support its members. I hope to help reach out to new groups of drivers and riders to diversify its membership.

In my role, I will be looking for ways to attract more young people, advocate for young drivers and improve brand awareness. I’m certainly looking forward to visiting local groups to meet with members and to represent IAM RoadSmart at events.

I believe that you can be a good driver and pass the advanced driving test at any age. The important contributory factors being attitude and approach. As I’ve said in my previous blog, my passion for driving and road safety grew from my experiences with the Under 17 Car Club which instilled this in me.

As a young driver ambassador, I enjoyed representing IAM RoadSmart and meeting many members at the recent 60th birthday car party. This was a great event and I was honoured to be asked to co-present the Meet the Stars Panel along with Carli-Ann Smith.

This was a wonderful opportunity for me as I had never done anything like this before. I met legends from the motor industry like rally winner Paddy Hopkirk and journalists Sue Baker and Chris Goffey. Although, I must admit beforehand it was rather daunting. During the days three panels, I heard some great stories about Paddy’s rallying experiences, and Sue and Chris’s adventures as Top Gear presents.  I was happy to contribute too, answering questions from the audience and talking about my experiences and opinions. Topics for me included car insurance, the MPG Challenge and why I think young drivers should take the advanced driving test.

The phrase that sprang to mind for me at this event was: "Push yourself and get out of your comfort zone." (I must admit it was a relief when one of the audience members commented that they would never have guessed this was my first time - phew, I’d pulled it off).  

I intend to continue with this approach, to stretch myself and make the most of this unique opportunity over the next few months. I look forward to hearing your views, ideas and recommendations, particularly ones to empower and promote young drivers as they are our future.