IAM RoadSmart, a personal view

Blog post posted on 28/09/16 |

As a journalist I’ve worked closely with the IAM – now IAM RoadSmart - for decades. It started 30 years ago when I proudly won my Advanced Driver certificate.

Since then I’ve been chosen for the organisation’s ‘Road Safety Writer of the Year’ award twice. I care deeply about road safety and the IAM RoadSmart has helped me research many articles on the subject for newspapers and magazines.

Over the past decade I’ve also written extensively about the revolution in personal transport, a revolution that has swept in smart new highways infrastructure, growing reluctance by society to accept ‘bad’ driving - and dazzlingly sophisticated, high-tech vehicles.

But make no mistake; the biggest changes are just around the corner. The age of the driverless car will turn the motoring landscape on its head.

So it’s only right that now, in its 60th year, IAM RoadSmart should rewrite its rulebook too, preparing for this exciting future with a fresh outlook, renewed vigour, an open mind and renewed commitment to road safety – all now embodied in its new-look logo and organisation.

I make just one plea. Don’t forget that 20-year-old who drove home clutching his hard-won IAM RoadSmart badge. He loved his driving and motorcycling then and enjoys it as much today. That right is worth fighting for too.

David Williams, Evening Standard's Motoring Correspondent and freelance writer