Layer up your security with Bike Trac

Blog post posted on 03/08/23 |

If you live and ride a motorcycle or scooter in the UK, you’ll be familiar with the term layering up. But for once, we’re not talking about a base layer, a Gore-Tex jacket, or a neck warmer, we’re talking about layering up your security.


In the wonderful world of motorcycling, there’s a plethora of bike security options available for riders. And while every rider has their own requirements, depending where, how, or what they ride, one thing is common to all - bike theft. Most importantly, when it comes to protecting your bike and reducing your chances of being a victim, there is no such thing as too much protection, which is why you should never rely on just one piece of security. 

Locks and chains are great - they’re a visual deterrent and, for the opportunist thief, a reason to keep walking. But the organised gangs aren’t so easily perturbed, and so tooled up with lithium battery-powered angle grinders, your chain and lock are likely to just be a minor inconvenience. 

Let’s look at an all-too-common scenario surrounding bike theft

You’ve ridden into town, and you’ve parked your bike securely in a designated parking area and gone on your way but think back to the covered bike you parked next to. What was it? You’re not sure and neither is the bike thief. But that same thief quickly scanned the parking bay to see the shiny red Ducati. That became the easy target, not the covered bike. A worthy consideration in your ‘layering up’ armoury.  

But what if that same thief was brazen enough to remove the cover before putting that angle grinder to good use on that lock and chain? The steering lock was on, but a sharp and forceful twist or, often, a kick of the bars soon broke that off, so now they’re rolling it down the road, or loading it into their stolen van, and it’s now looking even more likely that this bike has become another statistic. There was only a tracking device fitted. The text message has been delivered to the owner, then a phone call, and now the owner can see the bike’s location on their smartphone. The police have been informed and they and the tracking company are following its location live. The bike comes to a stop, the thief leaves it in an alleyway for several hours, (usually to see if it had a tracking device fitted), and this scenario results in the bike being recovered and often with police intervention too.    

In all those scenarios, the owner had been prudent and bought security, but by layering up, the odds of not becoming a bike theft victim were far greater. Do your research, buy what you can afford, but please, always try to layer up.  

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