Celebrating our Trustees at IAM RoadSmart

Blog post posted on 16/11/23 |

Trustees' Week is an annual event to mark the amazing work trustees do to help shape and guide charities. It’s an opportunity to celebrate and thank those who volunteer their time and expertise with passion and commitment.  

The theme of Trustees’ Week 2023 is ‘Many voices. Working together. With purpose.’ 

Stuart Donald

Stuart Donald - ChairmanRetired Senior Police Leader Stuart Donald is from the Northeast of England and has extensive experience of road safety, having enjoyed a 30-year career in policing, culminating in the position of Assistant Chief Constable at Humberside Police. 

“As a former police officer, I know only too well the human cost of death and injury on our roads. Gaining a vehicle licence is the start of a journey, not the end. I enjoy supporting the growth of our Advanced Driver and Rider training courses which provide road users and drivers with life-saving additional skills that will make our roads safer for all.”

Victoria Milford

Victoria 1080x1080Victoria Milford joined IAM RoadSmart in November 2022 as Trustee and Chair of our Remuneration Committee. The mum of two boys, who’s been behind the wheel since 1989, is currently working towards her Advanced Driving test.  

Victoria and her family count Harry Potter among their neighbours but does living close to the Warner Bros studios in Hertfordshire make driving a magical experience? “I’ve been driving since I was 17. My dad used to say that I would drive to the toilet if I could; I loved it so much.” 

Nick Stein

nick steinFormer RAF pilot and airline training captain, Nick Stein joined IAM RoadSmart as a member in 2011 and is part of the Chester and Nantwich Advanced Drivers group. Nick has served as Chairperson and Chief Observer, and is also a member of the South Cheshire Advanced Motorcyclists. He has trained dozens of drivers in their bid to pass their Advanced Driver tests, and said: “As an airline pilot, the most dangerous part of my day was the drive to and from the airport.” 

Having thoroughly enjoyed his role within IAM RoadSmart, Nick says he jumped at the chance to become a Trustee. Read more about Nick's story here.  

Nick Lomas 

nick lomasNick is the Director General of the Caravan and Motorhome Club and has a background in financial services including in car insurance and finance. He understands the volunteer ethos of clubs and associations and is committed to supporting our success through the partnership of staff, volunteers and trustees working together. 

“I would like to think that my experience as both an Advanced vehicle user and in business, means that I can make a positive contribution to IAM RoadSmart’s future.  Cars and driving have always been an important part of my life and career, and I want to put something back into the industry that I remain passionately involved in.” 

Tom Kelman 

Tom 1080x1080Tom, a Scottish Chartered Accountant, has worked in the charity sector since 2005 and joined IAM RoadSmart in May 2022. After serving as Interim Director of Finance until November 2022, he was then asked to become Treasurer. Since taking the post, Tom has worked with the Board, CEO and the Senior Leadership Team to establish and help fund a strategy aimed at leading the charity back to a sustainable future.   

When asked about his first experience of driving, Tom said: “My first car was an Austin Allegro - it fell apart, but I loved the freedom to get where you wanted when you wanted and to stop when you saw something you wanted to look at.” 

Rupert Newman  

Rupert Newman
Rupert has been an IAM RoadSmart member since 2021 and volunteers as a Blood Biker in his spare time. He brings 20+ years of experience in senior leadership & board level roles in a variety of organisations, both large and small, across the retail and healthcare sectors. Rupert now runs a coaching and consulting business and says he’s well equipped to add value to the Board of Trustees as IAM RoadSmart embarks on the next phase of its development.  
“As someone who drives and rides over 30,000 miles annually in all conditions, at all times of day and night, whether commuting to work, on a motorbike tour with friends, or responding to a call as a Blood Biker - being the best I can possibly be on the road for my safety and the safety of others is not just a nice to have, it’s a must have. IAM RoadSmart has helped give me this and that is why I am passionate about others getting the same opportunity.” 

Mark Powell  

Mark Powell
Mark is an IAM RoadSmart member and motorcycle National Observer. He has extensive experience of membership organisations, having spent 12 years as a Director of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Mark started out on his IAM RoadSmart journey to become a safer and better motorcyclist and now coaches' others to achieve the same standard. 

“I bought my first ‘motorcycle’ in the 70’s, a 50cc Solifer Speed 68, followed swiftly by my first car, a somewhat rusty Ford Escort Mk 1.  I realised when I retired that I had not had any form of coaching or instruction since passing my car and motorcycle tests and if I wanted to live to be 100 then perhaps, I should do something about it. 

“Joining IAM RoadSmart not only gave me access to highly qualified coaching to be a better and safer rider, but also to a whole new world of friendly advice and guidance, social runs out and weekends away.” 

Angela Ball 

Angela Bell
Angela qualified as a solicitor in 1991, having studied law at Queen’s University Belfast, and worked in private practice where she specialised in uninsured loss claims arising from road traffic incidents for 9 years. In 2000, she moved to pursue a career in the public sector. Since then, Angela has held a number of senior roles providing legal and policy advice on criminal law issues to the Northern Ireland Administration and she’s been responsible for significant pieces of legislation in this area.  

“Over my years of being an IAM RoadSmart member I’ve seen the benefits of advanced driving techniques, making me a driver and at the same time helping to keep me, my passengers and those around me on the road safer. That is why I’m passionate about what we do, and I’m proud to be a Trustee of IAM RoadSmart.”

Sarah Whiteside-Jones  

Sarah Whiteside-Jones
Sarah is Head of Membership and External Affairs at the Institute of the Motor Industry. Her passion for creating safer roads began after suffering personal loss from a road traffic accident. Sarah is passionate about education, membership and helping organisations deliver great member value by placing member needs at the heart of the organisation. 

“Having grown up in a village where transport links were few and far between, driving gave me my independence at the age of 17.  I had to learn quickly how to navigate narrow country lanes and so having the opportunity to support IAM RoadSmart in making all roads safer for everyone is important to me.” 

Mark Armitage  

Mark joined The Institute of the Motor Industry (The IMI) in 2015, initially leading the UK business development team, before moving roles in 2017 to lead the external quality and assessment department. He is now the Group Commercial Director for Autotech Group, a specialised group of companies providing employers with talent and technology solutions, including multiple areas.

Thank you to our Trustees for your continued support.