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Blog post posted on 07/12/21 |
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Stephen Carr’s latest achievement is completing and passing his Mental Health First Aid course and becoming a registered volunteer with the charity.

Stephens Certificate of attendance

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Stephen exclaimed: “This was a fantastic course and I’m really excited to use my skills and knowledge to help people. I was delighted to be asked to join this exciting partnership project, complete the training, and now I’m keen to promote and support MHM alongside IAM RoadSmart. I am now even more equipped to introduce them to our IAM RoadSmart local groups and take this partnership even further.”

The Online Mental Health First Aid Adult Course is a virtualcer classroom session with multiple attendees, which teaches you in depth skills for providing first aid to people who may be experiencing mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, and psychosis. The aim of the course and the charity is to build the zero stigma around mental health, encourage it to be openly discussed and supported to create a society where everyone can thrive.

When first introduced to Mental Health Motorbike (MHMotorbike), Stephen described it as a ‘no brainer’ to get involved.  Mental Health Motorbike was launched in March 2020, as a charity and support network for bikers across the country. Founder Paul Oxborough’s mission was to create an open and safe platform where people can discuss mental health in a supportive community with a common, shared passion for motorbikes.

Stephen continues: “As someone who received help when it was needed, which propelled me to work with and explore my passion for motorbikes, then I’m delighted to be involved!”

When Stephen, a former soldier who served in Northern Ireland, Africa and Iraq achieved his IAM Masters in 2013, he confirmed it was a huge moment of pride, and brought back a sense of achievement and self-belief. He claims that the Master’s test played an important part in his recovery from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

A turning point, which Help for Hero’s supported him to achieve in 2013. Stephen was already a Member by Exemption (MBE), due to his military training, he passed his Masters with a Distinction, and then went on to become Chairman of the Derbyshire Advanced Motorcylists Group between 2013-2017. He has since become an Examiner, Local Observer and National Observer.

Stephen continues: “Help for Hero’s invested in me when I needed it the most. Mental Health is an important topic that isn’t spoken about enough, that sense of community, belonging and support resonate through both organisations so it makes perfect sense to link together.”

Even though Stephen considers he was late to motorcycling achieving his civilian licence in 2001, he knew it was for him and once he’d learn to ride, he knew he loved it.

Joining IAM RoadSmart and getting out amongst the biker community was the support he needed. He previously dreamt of becoming an examiner and with IAM RoadSmart has achieved so much more.

He is now more than happy, his words ‘honoured and humble to be considered’ but ultimately delighted to be involved with Mental Health for Motorbikes.  

Stephen pictured with his beloved bike
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“Working alongside Paul and the team at MHM, I now feel even more equipped to raise the profile of the charity and encourage our IAM RoadSmart members to open up about any Mental Health and any concerns.”

If you would like to get involved with MHM then please contact Paul and his team to find out about becoming a volunteer or ambassador Contact Us | Mental Health Motorbike ( You can also book your place on the First Aid Course which is £220 and find out more details by visiting this link.  Mental Health First Aid Courses | Mental Health Motorbike (

Mental Health Motorbike is one of IAM RoadSmart partners and you can find out more about them and other partners here Our Partners | IAM RoadSmart | UK Road Safety Charity