Simple steps to being a safer pedestrian

Blog post posted on 14/11/22 |

In support of Road Safety Week, Brake’s biggest annual road safety campaign, IAM RoadSmart is helping everyone to know how they can be a safer pedestrian.

At some point in the day, everyone is a pedestrian. Whether it’s the school run, commuting to work, walking your dog, or simply enjoying what nature has to offer – we all need to be aware of what’s going on around us. In 2021, pedestrian injuries and fatalities remained high with 16,654 people killed or injured across the UK.

Although you can’t be responsible for the way people drive, you can take several steps to make yourself safer as a pedestrian. Many people use mobile devices and headphones when they are outdoors walking, and not only are they distracting, but they can also cancel out the noise around them.

Top tips for being a safer pedestrian

  • Stop, Look, Listen and Think
  • Avoid crossing the road between parked cars
  • Always use a pedestrian crossing or traffic lights where possible
  • If the road you’re walking on hasn’t got a footpath, stick to the right-hand side of the road to face oncoming traffic, and keep as close as possible to the roadside
  • Wear bright clothing during the day and reflective clothing at night.

Teaching children about road safety

Many of us will remember being taught the Green Cross Code, or the television adverts that included hedgehogs being ‘King of the road’ with catchy lyrics and theme tunes.

Teaching children about road safety from an early age is an important lesson that parents and carers can do. It’s something even the youngest children can learn about, whether they are walking, cycling, scooting or travelling as a passenger in a vehicle.  

Key lessons for children to learn

  • Difference between a footpath and the road
  • How to walk with a grown-up
  • Introduce ‘stop, look, listen and think’
  • Introduce safer crossing places
  • Wear bright colours to be seen

Free education resources for children:

Additional hints & tips

Highway Code ‘Give Way To Pedestrians’ poster:

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