The twilight zone, tips for riding in the dark

Blog post posted on 24/10/23 |

With the clocks going back on Sunday, October 29th, you may be getting an extra hour in bed, but you are also going to be riding in the dark a lot more. For many of us, this year, the clock change coincides with the end of the school half-term. It’s likely that there will be more children to watch out for during commuting hours, which is made much more difficult thanks to the darker evenings.

  • Think about the weather conditions. It may look sunny when you leave in the morning, but what will it be like on your return journey? This may sound obvious, but it’s easy to forget to check your weather app before setting off. Is heavy rain forecast or strong winds? Are you prepared for a sudden change in the weather?


  • Wear the correct gear. Once the first drop of rain gets into your motorcycle clothes, the rest of the rain will follow. if you’re a rider, you’ll know where we’re coming from. Staying warm is essential to maintaining concentration, a heated vest or jacket can make a major difference.


  • During the morning, the sun can be extremely low and very which can make riding challenging. Bear in mind that your helmet may have an internal flip-down visor which you can use and if you’re an adventure-type rider, your helmet may have a peak. If you have inserts in your visor, although these are helpful, be aware that they can magnify glare. And lastly, go back to the basics and clean and check your visor as those little scratches that you barely notice on a bright day will show up on dark nights and with rain and headlights coming towards you, it becomes almost impossible to see.


  • Do your POWDERY checks. It’s crucial to keep your bike well maintained throughout the year to help you be the best rider you can be. Consider using a preservative spray to make the cleaning more manageable.


  • We recommend wearing florescent or reflective gear, it’s not to everyone’s taste but pink high visibility clothing works best. This added piece of clothing may load the dice in your favour. Rideto has a wide selection of gear to help you stay protected while on the road.


  • Riding is meant to put a smile of your face, so do everything you can to keep you safe on the road so you can enjoy the ride, remember when planning your day, the temperature can drop quickly so plan for the worst. The hazards that you experience after dark are likely to be slightly different to the ones that you experience during the day.

Richard Gladman, Chief Examiner at IAM RoadSmart

says, “We can all look forward to the crisp autumn days where riding is a pleasure and it whets our appetite for the next biking season, but we need to make sure we have prepared correctly. Being in the right gear in colder months means layering up or supplementing our fleece with some plug in kit, being warm allows us the flexibility to enjoy the ride and the comfort to concentrate. And of course, after a nice winter ride we can spend some useful time cleaning the bike again.”