• Keeping women safe on the road

    Keeping women safe on the road

    Coinciding with International Women’s Day, IAM RoadSmart is raising awareness of the importance of keeping women safe on the roads with some expert advice to minimise the anxiety some women may have when travelling.

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  • Cost of living hints and tips

    Saving yourself money

    With high fuel prices, MOT, tax, regular maintenance, and unexpected repair costs, IAM Roadsmart knows how expensive owning a car can get – and, in these uncertain times, many drivers are looking for ways to cut their motoring costs.

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  • Winter Driving Tips

    Winter Driving Tips

    Accidents and breakdowns are more common in the winter when road conditions are challenging and with a cold snap forecast for parts of the UK, now is the time to check your vehicle is ready for the road.

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  • Road Trip Essentials

    Road Trip Essentials

    Are you planning a romantic road trip this Valentine’s Day? Or maybe a family getaway over half term? Whilst planning your route, packing your bags, and making sure your home is secured before you set off, do you make sure that you and your car are fully prepared for your long drive?

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  • Keep Motoring Costs Down

    Keep Motoring Costs Down

    With the cost-of-living crisis impacting many of us, IAM RoadSmart is looking at ways motorists can keep costs down without compromising on safety. Making small changes to the way we drive or ride and look after our vehicles can add up to big savings.

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