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Making a difference for mature and younger drivers

We pride ourselves on being the UK's largest road safety charity, formed in 1956. We have spent 65 years making our roads safer by improving driver and rider skills through coaching and education.

Our roads need to be made safer for all motorists. We offer two assessments that focus on young and mature drivers, both successfully designed to educate and assess driver’s current road skills and offer advice in areas that may need improvement.

From these assessments you can then follow up with a driver training module that will focus on a specific area of driving that may need some extra attention. They are the perfect way to renew skills, boost confidence and get a trusted second opinion on driving style.


Working together for safer roads - Voucher scheme

Our nationwide network of ADI's and examiners carry out a wide range of driver assessments, not to mention our 185 volunteer groups delivering our Advanced Courses nationwide, a road safety initiative in partnership with us could be perfect for your local residents too. Successful initiatives such as Warwickshire's have inspired a new voucher scheme, this scheme is designed to make it easy for local authorities and Safer Road Partnerships to start similar activities targeting a range of age groups.

Both the Mature Driver Review and the Young Driver Assessment offer the time and advice needed to assist both mature and young drivers enhance their current road skills. The opportunity for local authorities is you can purchase 50 or 100 course vouchers and choose how you want to use them, a flexible approach to help you run a robust road safety scheme within your region.



course vouchers




course vouchers




course vouchers

+ 5 Advanced Driver courses




course vouchers

+ 5 Advanced Driver courses


How you could break it down:

The voucher scheme has been designed to be flexible so that local authorities, PCC's and other safer road partnerships can purchase a package that is suitable to their own regional requirements.

If you want to purchase 100 vouchers you could choose:

  • 20 Mature Driver Reviews
  • 40 Young Driver assessments
  • 40 On-road modules

You have the option of adding on our Advanced Courses, enabling you to put the participant through the full IAM RoadSmart journey to becoming a safer road user.

Proactive support for mature drivers

We have been working very successfully with Warwickshire County Council (WCC) on a Mature Driver project. It is a pioneering example of how practical support can be provided to mature drivers by their local authority.

Encouraging mature drivers to maintain their mobility and independence is a priority for many local authorities, Safer Roads Partnerships are always on the look out to find new ways to support them.

109 mature drivers went through the review, concentrating on key areas such as signalling, speed, hazard perception and distractions. Of all the drivers that were assessed 67% all passed with no concerns about their driving.

The feedback we got from participants was that they really enjoyed how relaxed and informal the session was, they were put at ease instantly and received valuable tips and feedback to help them with their continuing journey as a mature driver.

Following this successful pilot scheme, WCC have obtained funding to allow them to subsidise another 100 Mature Driver Reviews for people in the local area.




"This is a great opportunity to look at your competence, your skills, and to reassure yourself and others" - Ali Williams, Senior Road Safety Officer, Warwickshire County Council


What is the Mature Driver Review?

Our Mature Driver Review is designed to offer a sense of reassurance and development to mature drivers and their families.

As a mature driver they already have a wealth of experience and knowledge that have kept them safe on the road, but as we get older our reactions to begin to slow and this can have an impact on their driving technique. It is an informal 1-hour session which takes place on local roads in the participants own car.



"It's nice to get a second opinion of my driving skills, for reassurance that I'm doing everything I should be doing while I'm driving" - Barbara, Mature Driver





Young driver development

There’s a lot of reasons why young people pay a higher insurance premium, mainly as statistically they are the most likely to be involved in a road traffic collision. Improving the safety of younger drivers is one of our priorities as a charity, as it across the entire road safety community. Engaging with them has always been a challenge, how do we convince young drivers that they would benefit from further training after they've completed their test?

Taking positive action

Marc Jones, Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire has been able to put £5000 of funding towards offering 100 advanced courses for driver driver under 25 across Lincolnshire. Delivered by our own IAM RoadSmart observers, the course teaches drivers how to use skills such as enhanced observation, anticipation and planning. 

Elliot Stones, a young driver who had taken part in the course comments "The course itself opened up my eyes a little bit, and actually made me become a better driver. It's just ironing out those little bad habits.. no one teaches you them, you just develop them yourself"



On-road Training Modules 

Our modules are the perfect way to enhance a specific skill that a younger or older driver may struggle with. Once they pass their test the  learning doesn't end there, they have a lifetime of driving ahead of them. For an older driver the chance to top up their skills will increase confidence and help them deal with any changes to the Highway Code and and new roads. 

We have modules that cover: 

  • Motorway Driving
  • Managing Distractions
  • Driving on Country Roads
  • Parking and Manoeuvring
  • Managing Speed

Each module is a 75 minute one-to-one coaching with a friendly expert in the participants own car. 


Mature Driver Review

The Mature Driver Review is the perfect way to refresh your knowledge and driving skills.

Young Driver Assessment

Our assessment is a great way to boost the confidence and skills of drivers under 26 years old.