E-learning Module: Driving on Country Roads

Learn important skills to help you drive skillfully on country roads with useful information, hints and tips on:

  • Sharing the space safely with other road users
  • How to use observation to anticipate common hazards on country roads
  • Positioning your vehicle for the best view

  • Special offer: Currently available free-of-charge (RRP £5)


    Course overview

    The most serious road accidents, and more than half of all road fatalities, occur on country roads. Country roads are very different to town roads and motorways, and even if you are familiar with the country road you are using, conditions can change and situations arise unexpectedly. So, you need to use different driving skills to deal with the specific risks you face. Whatever your reason for driving, and whatever your experience, this module provides useful information, hints and tips on how to drive on country roads so that you can share the road space safely with other users.

    This module normally costs £5 for 20 minutes' learning, but is currently available free-of-charge as a special promotion. Click on the button below to register and download.

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    Improve your driving skills on country roads and learn online at your own convenience

    This module takes around 20 minutes to complete

    Focus on specific aspects of country road driving that you may find challenging and increase your confidence

    Interactive, with pictures and animations to make the key points easily memorable

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