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Christmas Quiz

Posted on 30/11/22 |

It’s the world famous, award winning, much sought after end of the year….

Bolton Group Christmas Quiz

Brought to you, by your friendly, award winning, world famous, newsletter editorial team, who work so hard all year to bring you, high quality journalism for no cost.   We do it for love!

Anyway, enough of this sentimental stuff, get your Christmas jumpers on, crack open the crackers, and try your hand at our end of year car themed quiz.  No prizes, except the knowledge that you are as mad as us!

They don’t come any brainier than this… as always answers next month!  And no cheating with Google!!

  1. Who or what is electric car manufacturer Tesla named after?
  2. Who now owns Rolls Royce and Bentley?
  3. Which company produces the Niro EV?
  4. Which car company has a model called the Funky Cat?
  5. What do the letters MG stand for?
  6. Which car company has models with the letters, DB, and why?
  7. Which car company produced a model named after a fictional creature, one of its names is a Big Foot or ?
  8. What was Jaguar called before it became Jaguar?
  9. Who manufactures the Model S, 3, X and Y?
  10. How many rings are there on the Audi logo?
  11. What was the previous name of Nissan in the UK?
  12. Which company produces the Kona model?
  13. What is the name of the parent company of Hillman, Humber, Singer and Sunbeam?
  14. Which company made a model called the A40?
  15. Where is the Morgan car company located ?
  16. What do the letters JLR stand for?
  17. What is Honda’s all electric car called?
  18. Which company produced models called the 8, Pennant, Vanguard and Ensign?
  19. The 1970’s Jensen FF was so called because it had which features?
  20. Which company produces a model called the Atom?

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