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Profile: Derek Mowbray

Posted on 26/04/20 |

Profile: Derek Mowbray

Derek Mowbray Observer Profile Image

Local Observer
IAM RoadSmart Master Driver with Distinction
IAM Advanced Driver

Observer based in Gloucestershire

Background in Driving

Derek is a Local Observer, qualifying as an IAM Advanced Driver in 1965, requalifying in 2007. Derek has incredible driving experience, which is demonstrated in his more recent IAM RoadSmart Master Driver with Distinction qualification. 

Outside Interests

Derek is an Organisation Health Psychologist with his own business assisting all types of organisation to prevent stress and strengthening resilience at work, here and abroad.

His interests outside work and driving include enjoying easy travel abroad, hill walking in Scotland, listening to music, and reading trashy novels.

He intends to learn more about photography and how to read music, when time and opportunity allows.

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