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Profile: Eve Guyll

Posted on 26/04/20 |

Profile: Eve Guyll

Eve Guyll Observer Profile

Trainee Local Observer
IAM RoadSmart Advanced Driver
South West Ambulance Driver
Under 17 Car Club Pathfinder Graduate

Observer based in Winchcombe, Cheltenham

Background in Driving & Coaching

Eve is a trainee Local Observer, IAM Advanced Driver, and a Driver for the South West Ambulance Service. Eve has an fascinating driving history including graduating from the Under 17 Car Club Pathfinder Programme, focusing on safe & enjoyable driving.

Supporting Our Group

Alongside Observing, Eve also supports our events and shows, assisting on the stand and answering all your motoring and advanced driving questions. In addition, Eve is a long-standing supporter of the Under 17s Car Club Pathfinder Programme, and now volunteers to support the club through Marshalling. 

Outside Interests

Eve is crazy about cars, the bigger the engine... the better the car! Rally cars are a particular motoring love for Eve too! Eve is also in the Scouts, and is the youngest, or at least one of the youngest, Scout Leaders in the County and drives across the country to the other camps.
Eve Guyll Observer

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