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Members' Meeting 7pm on 11th March 2019 - Nissan Leaf

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St Bartholomew's School, Newbury, RG14 6LA

The next Members meeting will be held at St.Barts School, Newbury on Monday 11th March 2019. This meeting will also act as the Group AGM.
As last time, the doors will be open from 19:00 onwards with a view to commencing the AGM part at 19:15. Please find attached the relevant notice of the AGM detailing those persons standing for re-election / election and also a blank Committee Nomination form. Any person wishing to stand for election can be nominated and seconded on this form, but can you ensure that it is returned to the Group Secretary by Monday 4th March at the latest please.
We urgently need a replacement Group Secretary to take over from Ann Salt at the AGM. Ann is also one of our Local Observers; she volunteered at short notice to provide temporary support to the Group from August last year, but is unable to take on the role permanently for personal reasons. In Ann’s own words “The role is not onerous - mostly a few hours’ work preparing papers before and after Committee Meetings, of which there are six each year, plus an AGM.”

Ann will stand down at the AGM; if you, or someone you know is interested in finding out more, please contact me at e-mail and I'd be happy to discuss the role with you (as I would any other role you may have in mind). Alternatively, please complete the Nomination Form attached and return to Ann Salt at the address shown on the form before 4th March 2019 please.  Please note that Nominees must be full members of the IAM and the Newbury Group.

I am very pleased to say that the Group Accounts for 2018 have now been verified as a true and accurate record by an independent accountant and these will be available for inspection at the AGM.

Once the AGM is concluded we will have the usual certificate presentations for those Associates who have recently passed their test, followed by a talk by one of our Group Members, Dr Sarah Phipps. I am very grateful to Sarah for agreeing to do this and I'm sure it will be both an interesting and informative talk. Sarah writes:

My experience of driving an Electric Vehicle

I have driven a Nissan LEAF for one year now and I am the first member of the Newbury Group of Advanced Motorists to successfully complete the course in an electric vehicle (EV).

During this talk I will share with you what I have learned about driving and owning the vehicle. I will discuss the differences of the vehicle compared to one with a combustion engine, the practicalities of running an EV, including charging at home and elsewhere and the use of the car on the Advanced Driving Course.

Dr Sarah Phipps.

I therefore look forward to seeing you all on Monday 11th March at the meeting.

Please enjoy your weekend and drive skillfully.