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Team5 Risk Assessments

Posted on 14/11/18 |
Hello peeps
As promised I have finally drafted a revised version of the RA doc so that you can all acknowledge the contents individually. This version (2017R2) was approved at the committee meeting on Sat 5th August and is available from the Team5 document store available HERE
The issue hasn't been so much about the doc itself but the way we could demonstrate to the police or insurance companies that everyone had read it and confirmed it.
So you will see that all that has changed is that the final page has a place to say who you are and sign and date it. Also to trace the doc if necessary the file name is recorded together with the page number and number of pages in the footer of the doc.
So here's the thing Ian McNeil & I (with committee approval) have decided to try this:
You need to print the doc, or just the last page, sign, print name and date it and then scan it or take a piccy of it e.g. on your 'phone and email it to
I guess in these days of smartphones etc this should be straight forward enough but if anyone needs a bit of help do get in touch with either Ian on or me on
If anyone is still mystified about this process and how it came about, please read the minutes of the T5 start of term meeting which are in the Team5 document store available HERE.
Thanks very much