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Team5 End Of Term Meeting, 27th October 2018

Posted on 20/11/18 |

Team 5 End of Term Meeting.  27Th  October 2018

PT opened the meeting and thanked everyone for attending and then introduced Mick Elsworth for a report on training.

  • ME said it had been a poor year for associate training with only 6 test passes and 2 failures.  There had also been I Masters pass and 2 National Observer passes.  Training had been poorly attended up until the latter stages of the season despite there being a large number of associate members, in fact some associates have paid their membership fees and never attended any training.  There did however seem to be an improvement in training attendance towards the end of the season.
  • PT thanked ME and introduced Chris Otter to report on membership
  • CO said there was now over 160 total members of YAM with 24 new members joining this year.  Whilst most of those were new associates some were members of other IAM groups who had been attracted to YAM because of the social element of Team 5.  There were now over 60 members of Team 5 although not all are regularly active.  Ian McNeil asked with the advent of the two ride initiative earlier in the year how many T5 rides had been organised this year?  CO did not know the exact number but reported that to his knowledge there had only been perhaps 3 occasions since the initiative started that only one ride had set off.  On these occasions low attendance had seen the two ride groups combined.
  • PT followed with a general update on T5 and stated that a lot had been achieved this year.  
    • With the Risk Assessments and check rides there are just a few left to complete, mostly with people we haven't seen for a long time.
    • It has been decided that from next year the check ride interval will be 2 years.
    • The second (Open Destination) ride has settled in now and PT reminded everyone that both rides are open to all T5 members. Both rides have equal value and it is a choice which one to go on.
    • PT aimed to improve communications this year and while there has been some improvement it is still a work in progress.
    • PT appealed for more people to volunteer as ride leaders and said that volunteering for Back Marker duties is a good way of gaining confidence to lead a ride.
  • PT introduced Graham West for an update on the Xmas Party.
    • GW said everything was going well; the new venue is Sherburn Aero Club, which had been recommended by a YAM member and were proving very good.  There will be a sit down buffet style meal followed by a live band (of which GW is a member) and there will also be a couple of surprises.  There is also a quiet room for those who want to chat.
    • Tickets are now on sale.
  • PT reported on the “Leaving Do” that had taken place the previous week for Andy Smith.  It was very well received, everyone enjoyed it and maybe we should do more social evenings like this?
    • Now that Andy has left we have a vacancy on the T5 working group and are looking for volunteers both for this and as authors.
    • After the meeting Alan Riddington volunteered for T5 working group.
  • AOB
    • Angie Head stated that despite initial concern she thought the second ride initiative was working well.
    • T5 telephone numbers should be available to all T5 members; PT said they are available on the T5 member’s page of the YAM Website.  Some members then said they have difficulty accessing the website Ian McNeill said that a “G Mail” account is needed to access the members area and that if people sent him their G Mail addresses (which are free to obtain) he would authorise access. Ian agreed to Email all T5 members with the process to gain access to the members area.
    • Ian McNeil said he doesn't receive all T5 run data and asked PT if we need the data and what is it used for?  PT said it is part of the practices we undertake to help towards satisfying our ability to demonstrate to the Police, if it became necessary, the measures we take to ensure group riding is as safe as possible.
    • Jeff Linwood relayed a conversation he had had with some members from Hull Advanced Motorcyclists, this revealed how little extra riding they organise compared to YAM.
  • PT declared the meeting closed at this point and Ian McNeil proposed a round of applause for PT and his work involved with T5.  He said he would put in a T5 report to the regular IAM bulletin.