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Annual General Meeting

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Squires (Nomination form download available here)

Come along to hear news of YAM and have your say in the election of the committee and officers for the coming year. 

Download a nomination for by clicking HERE

Further Information

The Charities Commission (of which YAM is a registered member of) expects 3 mandatory positions to act as charity Trustees : Chairman, Group Secretary and Treasurer. The details of these 3 individuals are reported in our annual return to the Charities Commission (usually in March, straight after the AGM) and in the eyes of the Commission these are the people responsible for the running of the Charity.

The committee can then be made up of any number of additional members up to a maximum of 20 members in total . Roles can be allocated within the committee for various tasks : (membership secretary, Website Editor, T5 rep etc). The Chief Observer is one of particular interest. The C.O. is not a group officer, in fact he/she does not even need to be a committee member at all. At YAM, historically, as the C.O. has a regular/standing update item for the committee on training, YAM has made it a committee role (the current and last two C.O.'s have served in the committee.)

Up to now, as we have traditionally nominated officers from a small pool, there was never a great need to explain the roles; they were generally known & understood.  As we are inviting nominations from the wider membership we need to ensure that people with interest can understand them.

There are 4 available committee positions:
Chairman (Group Trustee)
Group Secretary (Group Trustee)
Treasurer (Group Trustee)
Ordinary Committee Member (Non-trustee)

Also, the common and generally belief is that only Observers can be in the committee. That is a myth. Any full member (not associate) can serve in any of the committee positions.

If you are interested about any committee position, please approach any of the current members  who will help you with your enquiry. The current officers are:

Meg Davies, Chairman
Mike Vournas, Treasurer
Steve Duree, Group Secretary

Photographs of all committee members are available on this website - Click HERE